As the owner of Manatee Oral & Facial Surgery Center, Prashant Pandya, D.M.D., provides exceptional care to patients in Bradenton, Florida, and the surrounding areas. As a highly skilled oral surgeon and dentist, Prashant Pandya, D.M.D., leads a staff of highly trained professionals.

Prashant Pandya, D.M.D., and his team stay abreast of developments in their field by regularly attending dental lectures and conventions, as well as by completing continuing education coursework. Dr. Pandya constantly evaluates new techniques, innovative equipment, and emerging dental products, providing his clients with effective procedures, such as dental implant surgery. No matter what type of procedure might be required, Prashant Pandya, D.M.D., ensures that patients receive the care they need to retain–or regain–their healthy smiles.

Prashant Pandya, D.M.D., believes that education and preventive care serve as the cornerstones of optimal dental health. Dr. Pandya and his staff educate patients on the vital role of flossing, regular cleanings, fluoride, and sealants in preventing dental disease. At Manatee Oral & Facial Surgery Center, Prashant Pandya, D.M.D., begins every appointment with a thorough exam that assesses the overall health of the teeth and gums, takes X-rays as needed, and screens for oral cancer. Highly aware of the impact of medical health on dental well being, Dr. Pandya and his associates ensure that every patient’s chart is routinely updated to reflect new medical conditions and medications.

Patient comfort remains a top priority for Dr. Pandya. His entire staff is committed to offering personalized care to guarantee that every patient feels as comfortable as possible. The center features a welcoming and relaxing environment designed to alleviate any anxiety patients might experience regarding their procedures. The practice provides a comprehensive slate of services that include oral trauma surgery, bone grafting, facial cosmetic surgery, alveoloplasty, teeth extractions, apicoectomy, orthogathic evaluations, and treatment of oral and facial cancers and oral and facial lesions. As an highly trained oral surgeon, Prashant Pandya, D.M.D., also maintains the knowledge and advanced equipment required for dental implant surgery. Whether a single tooth or full arch replacement is needed, Dr. Pandya and his skilled associates can accommodate most patients. To learn more about these treatments and others provided at Manatee Oral & Facial Surgery Center, please visit